Latest Version 1.06

What's New V1.06

Moved status bar to avoid overlap with 40 track BAM.
Fixed the emulation buttons debouncing issue.
Fixed bug with previous disk button now working as expected when you have a large amount of disks in the set.
When emulation mode is exited with disk images having been modified, messages will now be displayed on the screens to indicate progress and when it is safe to power down the Pi.
Piezo buzzer sound parameters can be modified in the options.txt file.
The I2C LCD screen can be flipped.

See the default Options.txt file for more information.


The filenames of altered disk images are now displayed on screen when saving back to the SD card .
This will occur when emulation is exited.


Fixed the insert/reset button from auto resetting the emulator.


Supports I2C SSD1306 128x64 LCD screen.

Options.txt needs the line;-
LCDName = ssd1306_128x64
and depending upon how you want the keyboard's pgup and pgdown keys to work;-
keyboardBrowseLCDScreen = 1

Splits lines connect
SDA to GPIO 2 pin 3
SCL to GPIO 3 pin 5

Non-split lines
SDA to GPIO 0 pin 27
SCL to GPIO 1 pin 28

VCC to 3.3v and GND to GND.

Option to specify the file LOAD"*" will load.

In the Options.txt file add the line;-
starFileName = filename

Bug fixes.

Improved compatability with inverted split lines hardware configuration.
Fixed bug where modifying an disk image then reseting would cause the disk image to be written back to the wrong folder.

Old Versions.